EVA - The Jewellery Collection That Carries a Story

EVA - The Jewellery Collection That Carries a Story

Our EVA collection is much more than just beautiful jewellery. They are crafts carrying an important story.

But who is Eva, really?

Our jewellery collection EVA was inspired by the woman behind the power of the potato, namely Eva Ekeblad. 

Eva Ekeblad was a Swedish countess born in Stockholm in the early 18th century. But Eva was not just a countess; she was also an unparalleled woman of science! Eva was the person who discovered how to make starch from potatoes, and through this, produce brandy (a beverage that was quite popular even during her time...). Eva subsequently became the first woman elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1748. 

Guldviva's chief goldsmith and founder, Maria Karlström, caught wind of this incredible story about Eva Ekeblad and created a ring inspired by the tale. Maria then entered this ring into the competition "Finland's Most Beautiful Ring," and even took home the prize! Therefore, Guldviva's EVA ring can now proudly call itself nothing less than Finland's Most Beautiful Ring 2022, an honor we at Guldviva are very proud of.

After the EVA ring came to life, we naturally wanted to create accompanying jewellery pieces that could be worn in honor of Eva Ekeblad. There is now an entire collection dedicated to this wise woman, who brought forth such an important and historical discovery about something humanity has lived with for so long, namely the potato. 

So, venture into our potato land and see all the beauty in the simple!

Long live the potato!


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