STRAND (Beach) - The treasures that are right in front of you

STRAND (Beach) - The treasures that are right in front of you

With Pockets Full of Treasures

As a child, I spent my summers at my grandfather’s cottage—a cherished family heirloom that still graces our lineage. It was there that I would wander along the shoreline, my eyes captivated by the varied stones that lay scattered before me. I was a relentless collector, although these stones never had any explicit purpose. They would often find their temporary homes on windowsills until inevitably cleared away, only for me to gather anew.

My grandfather's beach is in the middle of Åland, located at Lumparn - a result of a meteorite impact that occurred a billion years ago. Notably, it is also one of the scarce locations on Åland where one can stumble upon fossils.

The exquisite stones that comprise the STRAND Collection were assembled through the collective efforts of my mother, my daughter, and myself—three generations of women united by the tranquil shores of my grandfather's beach. Each stone, a pocketed treasure, has been expertly polished and crafted by Johnny Juthman, hailing from Övermark, a village just north of Närpes. Johnny resonates with my sentiment that these stones, this ancient material, harbour a certain magical quality that’s difficult to put into words but deeply felt by those who appreciate them.


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