STRAND (Beach) - The taxes that are right in front of you

Lying on the stomach in the sand. Walking along the sea. On a boat trip. We have all collected them – the beach stones. Those that caught the sun's glitter, had a rare stripe, or fit so perfectly in the hand. 

With the collection STRAND, we want to highlight the beach's own treasures – created by the earth itself millions of years ago and now gently polished to be worn as jewellery. A perfect gift and a way to preserve the feeling of summer all year round.

From earth to man

They wear their millions of years well - all the jewels of the beach. Each small stone is a memory of the earth's origins and dramatic history, worn down by ice, wind and water. Nature has an infinite spectrum of colors that all fit together with each other and with our own human color scale.

We have let the stone cutter Johnny Juthman from Övermark take on our head goldsmith Maria Karlström's collection of Åland beach stones to create pearls in the beach's own gentle color range. Here they have been framed in oxidized 925 Sterling Silver.

Nature is bigger than our webshop

After the first summers with STRAND (Beach) we have learned that all natural stones are equally beautiful. We really want to offer the collection in our webshop, but only if you are prepared to get any color and color combination of the stones. 

If you want to choose your own STRAND (Beach)-jewelry, we wish you a warm welcome to our shop in the Sjökvarteret on Åland.

You can also email or call us if you have a request!

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...I spent at my grandfather's cottage, which is still in the family today. There I would drift along the shoreline and let the stones catch my eye. I collected and collected. The stones never had any real function, maybe they lay on a windowsill until someone cleaned them up. And I collected new ones.
I picked the stones for the collection STRAND (Beach) together with my mother and my daughter. Three generations of women at grandpa's STRAND (Beach), with pockets full of treasures. They have then been cut and shaped by Johnny Juthman from Övermark, just north of Närpes. HAN (He) have the same feeling about the stones as I do, that there is something magical about the ancient material.

The stones at Lumparns STRAND (Beach)