ANGEL 18K necklace
ANGEL 18K necklace
Angel necklace in 18K gold, handcrafted by GULDVIVA.

ANGEL 18K necklace

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We call them angels, those people who manage to keep their eyes clean and their minds open in a world that can be cold and hard. Sometimes we call them pearls.

Goldviva's Angel, with a silver dress and a freshwater pearl to hold her wise thoughts, is a tribute to them. A grateful gift to those who make life a little easier to live.

Because goodness is the most powerful thing we have. An unwavering force that bites all that is ugly. The secret to a long and happy life. The solution to most things in this world.

NOTE! The default price of gold jewelry refers to the jewelry without a chain. Select the type and length of chain for the price including the chain.

18K gold
Freshwater pearl

Height: about 19 mm
Width: about 12 mm

As all jewelry is handmade, sizes may vary slightly.

Curb chain 18K: No Chain