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BJÖRK (Birch) 18K XL necklace

BJÖRK (Birch) 18K XL necklace

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18K gold Height: approx. 55 mm Width: approx. 41 mm As all jewelry is handmade, the size may vary slightly.

The birch tree enchants with its beautiful green leaves and its white STAM (Bole). A birch grove provides a place for peaceful reflection. A stately BJÖRK (Birch) in winter, with frost-covered branches sparkling in the sunshine, or in autumn BJÖRK (Birch) with a play of colors that is fabulously beautiful.

Nature inspires much of GULDVIVA's jewelry.

"For me, creating a piece of jewelry is a natural process. Usually nature has already done most of the sketching.

Based on classic goldsmithing, I take advantage of the natural beauty and transfer the often quite complex reality into a simple and stylish form."
- Maria Karlström, head goldsmith

BJÖRK (Birch) 18K XL is a beautiful gold leaf. XL is slightly larger and is ideal for wearing on a long chain if you wish. A chain with a rounder shape that is close to the neck (omega or neck ring) also works well.

NOTE! The default price of gold jewelry refers to the jewelry without a chain. Select the type and length of chain for the price including the chain.