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BLÅBÄR (Blueberry) necklace

BLÅBÄR (Blueberry) necklace

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925 sterling silver, nickel-free Finnish spectrolite Height: approx. 46 mm Width: approx. 20 mm Chain length: approx. 42 cm (other length by special order)

Antique silver with spectrolite stone

The Latin name for BLÅBÄR (Blueberry) is Vaccinium Myrtillus. In Åland we pick BLÅBÄR (Blueberry) in July and August. The berries are a favorite - is there anything better than warm blueberry pie?

BLÅBÄR (Blueberry) is a piece of jewelry with weight, solid to wear. Both the chain and the leaves have been antiqued for a darker color.

Finnish spectrolite, cut and polished to a beautiful luster, has been used to represent the berry. The Finnish spectrolite is a very beautiful stone that changes color depending on how the light falls on the stone. In spectrolite you can find all the colors of the rainbow.

At GULDVIVA we mainly use stones that change from blue to purple and green.

The leaves and carrier are attached to the center of the chain so that the lock is always at the back.