BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) necklace
BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) necklace
BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) pendant-1491
BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) pendant-1492

BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) necklace

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The delightful BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) necklace is a bestseller in our Blowfish collection. With a BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) shaped from recycled silver, this piece is an ideal accessory to complete your summer wardrobe while celebrating the return of summer dresses.

The bluebell is one of the first flowers to gracefully break through the snow cover and welcome the spring sun after a long Nordic winter. Its Latin name, Anemone Hepatica (formerly Hepatica Nobilis), is as elegant as the flower itself.

As a sure sign that spring is here to stay, this beautiful flower adorns dark forest glades with its bold blue color.

In Åland, bluebells can be found in abundance, providing an enchanting contrast to the surrounding landscape. In our BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) LEAF necklace we have used an antique treatment to create a darker shade in the silver, highlighting the characteristic beauty of the bluebell and its importance as an early sign of spring.

With this enchanting piece of jewelry, you can carry a piece of Nordic spring close to your heart, letting its beauty remind you of the wonders of nature and the cycles of the seasons.

925 sterling silver, nickel-free

Diameter: about 21 mm

Standard chain: 42 cm Snake chain

As all jewelry is handmade, sizes may vary slightly.

Snake chain: Snake chain 42 cm