BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) XS 18K necklace
BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) pendant-1492

BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) XS 18K necklace

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18K gold Diameter: about 8,5 mm As all jewelry is handmade, the size may vary slightly.

Guldvivas BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) XS 18K - a delightful TREASURE inspired by the enchanting forests of Åland, where bluebells dominate the landscape every spring. This handmade piece of jewelry in 18 carat gold captures the natural beauty of the bluebell and the Åland archipelago, the island in the middle of HAVET (The Sea) where Guldviva draws its inspiration and has its workshop.

BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) XS in 18K is both delicate and sophisticated, perfect for any occasion. Wear this exclusive piece of jewelry as a reminder of life's wonderful moments and the miracles of nature. Pamper yourself or a loved one with this adorable little TREASURE and let Guldviva's BLÅSIPPA (Hepatica) XS 18K gild your memories.