GLORY L necklace

GLORY L necklace

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GLORY L necklace ��r is a piece of jewelry in the classic goldsmith tradition, with a design that exudes both timelessness, the maritime connection and gives the traditional an extra little gold edge.

The frame of the jewelry is the maritime rope wood that is so synonymous with shipping. Wrapped in a half RÅBANDSKNOP (Reef Knot) it naturally embraces the stormy HAVET (The Sea).
The sea of the piece is home to wild waves that are crowned by an inset brilliant, whose point light resembles the lighthouse that many sailors have longingly spotted between the wave tops on the horizon, finally realizing that they will soon be in safe harbor.

Nice symbolism in a very exclusive piece of jewelry!

925 sterling silver, nickel-free


Standard chain: 42 cm Snake chain

Since all jewelry is handmade, the size may vary slightly.

Snake chain: Snake chain 42 cm