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Engraving on dog tag, handcrafted by GULDVIVA


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Some jewelry can be engraved if desired, other jewelry is due to design or space not possible to engrave.

Or we simply think that the look of the jewelry is ruined by engraving, and is more beautiful without it. If you are unsure, please check with us before ordering engraving!

In the case that the jewelry itself is relatively small, REMEMBER that long names or words will be very small and difficult to read. An abbreviation or initials might be a better option.

Please specify the location (front or back) and the current name, word or date in the comments box when you reach the checkout.

Option 1 - if you want a simple engraving on one side of the jewelry.
Option 2 - if you want multiple lines of engraving on the same side and/or engraving on both sides of the jewelry, or if you want to engrave a ring.

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