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LUMBRICUS necklace

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925 sterling silver, nickel-free Height: approx. 45 mm Width: approx. 10 mm Standard chain: 45 cm Snake chain, antique treated As all jewelry is handmade, sizes may vary slightly.

The earthworm is an amazing animal. Already Darwin was fond of earthworms and realized their usefulness for agriculture, and HAN (He) did a lot of research on them. Using his figures, we can calculate that in about 25 years our entire topsoil layer of about 20-30 cm has passed through the gut of an earthworm. Maybe it's time that worms get the respect they deserve for their hard work? We think our LUMBRICUS necklace is very nice in any case.

LUMBRICUS necklace is great for fishermen or gardening enthusiasts and is antique treated for a darker color.