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MJUKISFISK (Soft fish) necklace

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MJUKISFISK (Soft fish) necklace is a stylized silver fish that is soft and LEN (Smooth) in shape, easy on the eye and easy to touch.

A neat little piece of jewelry that fits in most contexts. The small shape makes it easy to wear.
The inspiration is from the small fish you see under piers and boathouses that are neat and soft in shape.
They are known locally in Åland as "Salikkor" but are probably both loaches and roach in a blissful mixture.

They are beautiful to look at anyway, just like our MJUKISFISK (Soft fish).

925 sterling silver, nickel-free

Height: about 23 mm
Width: about 6 mm

Standard chain: 42 cm Curb chain

As all jewelry is handmade, sizes may vary slightly.

Curb chain: Curb chain 42 cm