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SAGA FJÄRIL (Butterfly) necklace

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925 sterling silver, nickel-free Height: approx. 42 mm Width: approx. 38 mm Standard chain: 42 cm Snake chain As all jewelry is handmade, sizes may vary slightly.

No summer meadow is complete without butterflies. This has also inspired us, and we have managed to design several pieces of butterfly jewelry over the years.

SAGA FJÄRIL (Butterfly) necklace is one of those we made from bent silver wire, for a more classic craftsman look.

A living FJÄRIL (Butterfly) is one of nature's most beautiful creatures. Even our SAGA FJÄRIL (Butterfly) has a unique beauty that lasts forever.

The name is a combination of Bellman's classic "FJÄRIL (Butterfly) vingad syns på Haga " and this jewelry's more "fairy-tale" expression which became SAGA FJÄRIL (Butterfly) necklace .