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SPINDEL (Spider) L necklace

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925 sterling silver, nickel-free Height: approx. 15 mm Width: approx. 17 mm Standard chain: 42 cm Curb chain, antique treated As all jewelry is handmade, sizes may vary slightly.

SPINDEL (Spider) L necklace consists of a nice little SPINDEL (Spider) in antique silver. We have also antique treated the chain so that it fits with the spider.

A different piece of jewelry that can be very right. Dare to try. Some people love this little pendant, and it is suitable for both younger and older people. SPINDEL (Spider) L necklace is slightly larger than our regular SPINDEL (Spider), and fits both men and women.

The spider is a misunderstood little benefactor. Many people have an innate phobia of spiders, but in the north we don't really have a reason for it.
They are not dangerous and do quite a lot of good by eating and looking after other insects.

The origin of the children's song "Imse vimse SPINDEL (Spider)" is not known, but it is known throughout the Nordic countries and in several languages. However, the gestures performed to it seem to be universal.