TÅNG (Seaweed) earring hook
TÅNG (Seaweed) earring hook
TÅNG (Seaweed) earring hook

TÅNG (Seaweed) earring hook

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TÅNG (Seaweed) earring hook is part of our mussel collection we make in collaboration with the John Nurminen Foundation. Part of the profit from this collection goes to environmental work for the Baltic Sea.

Bladderwrack is one of the most important algae in the Baltic Sea. Clear blue water with extensive seaweed beds is a stunningly beautiful underwater view of HAVET (The Sea) and something we hope will remain in the future.

In Åland, we often call the bladderwrack "hötter", which is exactly the kind of word that the bladderwrack feels like. A bit "high" like that.

TÅNG (Seaweed) earring hook has a decorative fixed hook, which forms a nice whole together with the earring itself.

925 sterling silver, nickel-free

Height: about 45 mm
Width: about 18 mm

Since all jewelry is handmade, the size may vary slightly.