Åland - our home and our greatest source of inspiration

Åland - our home and our greatest source of inspiration

There are not enough words to describe how much we love our little island.

Åland is our safe home. A place where everyone knows everyone. The stormy HAVET (The Sea)the flowering apple trees and the red granite. The people, the food and the boating. All the old houses, the community and the security. Everything is somehow so simple and genuine here. You are who you are, and just live on. Close to everything, yet so far away.

We at Guldviva live, love and breathe Åland. This small island is our biggest source of inspiration when it comes to creating our jewelry. The bluebells peeking up from the cold earth in the springtime. The birch leaves that gently rustle when a gust of wind blows by. The sailboats and sea life that take us by storm every summer, filling our island with people, life and joy like never before. This is our Åland. 

We want to create a feeling through our jewellery. A symbolism where you, hopefully, will find something that means something special just for you. A piece that you can wear throughout your life and always look back on that feeling you had when you put it on for the first time. Maybe it means something important to you, reminds you of someone. Or maybe, you just think it's beautiful. Either way, our jewellery is meant to be worn and used.

We hope that you will find something in our shop that appeals to you. And that you might visit our little island that we call home, to see all the beauty that we gratefully experience every day.


Thank you, Åland, for existing!




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