Sell your precious metals to Guldviva

As a private individual, you can sell us your gold or silver 'scrap', i.e. broken jewellery and other items or things you simply don't want anymore. We will value your items free of charge and turn them into cash in your account.

  • Payment to your bank account within 7 days
  • No charge for analysis and valuation on sale
  • Analysis and valuation at cost price in case of non-sale
  • Always updated daily prices
  • Scales approved by Inspecta Oy


Everyone wins by recycling

Silver and gold are living materials that last forever. Recycling old jewellery requires less energy and resources and significantly reduces emissions into the air, soil and water compared to mining new precious metals.

In addition, you make it possible for us to create our jewelry in 100% recycled material. Each piece of Guldviva jewelry is made by hand in our workshop in 925 Sterling Silver or 18K gold.

What's more, if you both sell your old jewelry to us and shop in our store, you will be paid an extra 20% on top of the original appraised price of your jewelry.


You are safe when you sell to us

If you have any questions, you can always visit us in our shop in Sjökvarteret or reach us by phone or email. Our experienced goldsmiths first make a valuation of your items and then offer you a price that you can freely choose to accept or not. If you choose to accept the offer, the valuation and any analyses that need to be performed to determine grades and authenticity are completely free of charge. If you choose not to sell, a fee is charged to cover the cost of the work (from €10). The scale we use for weighing your items is approved by Inspecta Oy and is regularly checked to ensure the correct calculation of the weight.


Conditions for buying precious metals from the public

Guldviva offers to buy precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium from the public.


The price Guldviva offers is based on the world market price of 24 carat gold, or the respective world market price of other metals. For purchases, the current day's world market price is used for the calculation. Please note that we pay the so-called "scrap price", the items have no other value, such as antique or sentimental. Costs for melting and purification of the items are taken into account when Guldviva calculates its price.

For the current daily price, please contact us by phone on +358 18 22130.

The objects are primarily submitted for valuation. Guldviva performs the various tests needed to determine the authenticity of the objects and the content of e.g. gold that the objects contain.

The valuation is free of charge for customers who choose to sell their items to Guldviva.

Guldviva then offers a price per gram of the respective precious metal, excluding stones and other parts consisting of non-recyclable material for Guldviva . The price is calculated on the weight and content of pure precious metal.

Removed items that have no monetary value (e.g. fake stones) are not returned to the customer. Fake jewellery and genuine diamonds or other valuable cleared items will only be returned to the customer if the request is made at the same time as the sale is approved.

If the Customer accepts the price offered by Guldviva , the agreed sum will be paid to the specified bank account within 7 working days of the Customer accepting the sale and providing account details. Payment is not made in cash.


If the Customer does not accept the price offered by Guldviva and declines to sell, they should collect their items as soon as possible but at the latest within 3 months. If the Customer does not collect the items within this period, uncollected items will be discarded.


The customer must be at least 18 years old and the legal owner of the items to be sold. The customer must have a bank account and the account must be in the customer's name. The customer must show identification such as a driver's license or passport when submitting items for valuation.


Guldviva reserves the right to document by photography the objects submitted for valuation. In case of suspicion of crime (e.g. stolen goods) or fraud, a report will be made to the police. At the request of the police, documented information will be forwarded to the local police authority.