What is handmade jewellery?

For us at Guldviva, we see ourselves first and foremost as a goldsmith company. With the main focus on qualitative materials such as 925 sterling silver and 18K gold, we create unique jewelry under the brand GULDVIVA.

When we talk about handmade jewellery, we think of an authentic manufacturing process. Each piece of jewellery begins its journey on a goldsmith's bench, shaped directly from the precious metal. This metal can take the form of a flexible wire or a malleable sheet, which is then shaped by various techniques, from cold forging to filing. After shaping, the parts are joined together, sometimes by traditional soldering and sometimes by modern methods such as lasers.

In some cases, in order to replicate very unique parts, we first make an original by hand and then use the "lost wax casting" technique. We have our own casting facility but in some cases we work with local foundries. The casting process provides us with the necessary metal shapes for our production. Then, when we work at the bench, we combine efficient techniques with manual precision, such as filing, smithing and soldering, to ensure the completion of the jewellery. This combination allows us to focus our craftsmanship on the details where it really counts, which you as a customer will appreciate.

Then comes the extensive work of polishing the jewellery. One thing that sets jewellery apart is how well crafted and polished it is. The quality of a piece of jewellery can often be judged by its finish, which is why we spend a lot of time polishing our jewellery to perfection.

All our jewelry is handmade, but there are some components, such as the chains we use, that require specialized manufacturing and are therefore purchased. 

One of the advantages of real gold and silver jewellery is that these metals are easily recyclable and can be recycled again and again, without any major processes.

Many people today say they use recycled gold and silver, and that's true. For our part, we buy all the metal we use from our own customers, so we can also proudly say that we use 100 percent recycled metal in our jewellery. Circular Economy is what many call it today, something that has been a matter of course for us for many years!