GULDVIVA - Our story


GULDVIVA was born in 1989 as a traditional goldsmiths shop.  Very soon it became apparent that GULDVIVA had the knowledge, the will and the ambition to create something more in place of just carrying out repair work and selling jewellery items produced by others.  Head goldsmith Maria Karlström saw jewellery where no one else saw it.  By the side of the road, flying between straws of grass, at the edge of the pier, creeping over the rocks, swimming in the sea.  This is where GULDVIVA found its form – with one foot in the sea and the other in the soil.
We are who we are because of all the things we have experienced.  The root system of GULDVIVA winds its way back to a time more tranquil.  Our shapes are inspired by childhood summers, a sense of security, the sound of lapping waves, bare feet on sunwarmed rocks, grandfather’s hand holding yours.  When we stop analysing and just let ourselves feel.  Each and every piece of jewellery from GULDVIVA holds this feeling, this tranquility.

For more than a decade GULDVIVA’s home has been in Sjökvarteret (the Maritime Quarter) in Mariehamn. The old fish smoker’s cabin amongst the boatsheds stood empty for a long time, maybe it was difficult to see its potential. But we saw something there – a cosy home offering space to prosper and grow – and the small, sooty cabin was turned into a combined workshop and shop. In 2018 a larger cabin was joined to the original, smaller one, and both workshop and shop now delight in much needed extra space.

Today GULDVIVA lives spaciously in our own shop but also on the web, without boundaries. In our workshop the ideas keep flowing – our range of jewellery now comprises over 200 different designs, with new designs continuously being added. People all over the world wear and order GULDVIVA every day. Quality, attention to detail and good design is our passion. Every time we see somebody wearing our jewellery we feel proud.

Today there are many of us that work with and at GULDVIVA. We are proud of our roots and our history gives us the strength to look forward. GULDVIVA is handcrafted design that is unique, just like all the people wearing it.