Slow jewellery

Slow jewellery: What is it?

In a world obsessed with speed, where trends fly by at breakneck speed, Guldviva stands for something different.

We believe in Slow Jewellery - jewelry created with care and consideration, meant to be loved and worn for generations.


Our philosophy

Resistance to haste:
We take the time to create jewelry with care and precision, without being stressed by the fast-paced world around us.

Sustainability in focus:
We use materials with low environmental impact and create high quality jewelry that lasts for a long time.

Timeless design:
Our jewelry is not governed by trends, but by timeless elegance and beauty.

Personality and history:
Each piece of jewelry carries a unique story and is characterized by craftsmanship.


Durable materials & timeless design

The use of good, well-chosen materials is also a characteristic of the "Slow Jewellery" concept. In the Slow Jewellery industry, materials with as little environmental impact as possible, such as recycled metal, should be chosen.

Another important ingredient is also the design of the jewelry, and that it is timeless. As mentioned, this jewelry is intended to be worn for a long time, and should also keep in style during the fast-changing trend hysteria we live in today.

There are many other important factors in Slow Jewellery that are worth mentioning, such as avoiding mass production of jewelry, maintaining an ethical and good working environment in the company and ensuring fair and correct pricing. These are all part of Guldviva's core values - to create jewelry you can wear, ÄLSKA (LOVE) and that will be important to you, for a long time!

Slow jewellery
ina piece of jewelry

Our popular Flower has bloomed for over 30 years, and is created with a mindset to last forever.

Blomman™ is for us a symbol of joy, happiness and the beauty of the small, but obvious. Each Flower is created beforehand, by two pliers, 5 bends, and by a Maria Karlström, Guldviva's founder, head goldsmith and "Blomman™-inventor", who during the fall and winter months bends Flowers so the pliers glow, so that the meadow will be able to bloom even next summer, and the summer after.



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