Archipelago life

Archipelago life

We often mention our love for Åland and the archipelago. It is our safe place, our creative spark, but above all our home.

We Ålanders have lived in and together with HAVET (The Sea) for generations. Archipelago life has been our lifeblood, which we have been dependent on at all times. It has shaped us and created the people we are today. We have been dependent on boats to get to different places and shiploads to get access to raw materials of various kinds. We have had to learn about fishing and about life in HAVET (The Sea), in order to get food and nutrition. We have had to learn from and with each other and to live together.

Living in the archipelago can sometimes make you feel a bit restricted, and sometimes that's true. It takes more planning and foresight if you want to go somewhere. It also requires more cooperation to make our small community work.

However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. We think living in an archipelago landscape is the best thing ever. That we have the opportunity to see all our beautiful nature outside our door is nothing short of delightful. Our shop on Åland is located in the Sjökvarteret in a red wooden house. Outside we see the blue HAVET (The Sea), which is full of boats during the summer. Ships resting along the piers. Someone is walking along the eastern coastline. It is small, peaceful and safe. We have everything we need, and it's enough. We live and learn. 

We strike a blow for our little island in the Baltic Sea, for the archipelago and for the nature and HAVET (The Sea) that surrounds us. If you are reading this and have not been to Åland - visit our workshop and shop in Mariehamn. Go out into the archipelago and discover the beautiful places of Åland. Breathe in the calm, peacefulness and happiness in the small things.



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