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Register description Guldviva AB

Fredrik Lundberg

Registry Assistant:
Maria Karlström
Frida Lawergren
Annie Lahti

The purpose of the data is to maintain contact opportunities to GULDVIVA AB's customers, and to collect information about individual customers' purchases in order to calculate the earned bonus for each customer. Customers are only registered upon request when purchasing in stores and when making purchases through

The customers who sell silver and gold items to GULDVIVA AB are registered as suppliers. In these cases, bank account details are also registered to enable payment to the customer's bank account.  

Customers are divided into categories according to customer or supplier (in case of sales of metal objects), country and place of purchase (shop or webshop). The register contains name and address, as well as e-mail. Information on the customer's language is also stored. In addition, information on the recipient of the goods is recorded if the customer has requested it, in which case only the name is recorded without contact details and information on consent for marketing information.

The contact information is saved to be able to send the annual bonus voucher based on the customer's annual purchases, and for the company's e-mail distribution. The customer can choose to cancel the e-mail, in which case the e-mail address will be deleted.


Guldviva do not sell, rent or market your personal information to third parties. We may share your information with third parties when they perform services on our behalf, for example:

  • Implementing orders
  • Delivering parcels
  • Maintenance of our program for Club Guldviva
  • Send marketing materials
  • Conducting surveys and analyses

Guldviva reserves the right to transfer personal data and other information obtained from the user to the authorities in case of violation of applicable laws and regulations.

The register is stored electronically and is protected by firewalls and other technical methods. Only authorized representatives of Guldviva have the right to access and update the register. Each authorized registry administrator uses personal login credentials. uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your personal information in transit. SSL protects the information you send through our websites, such as order information like name and address.

As a customer, you can choose to

  1. Stop receiving marketing materials or promotional offers, marketing materials by email, phone or mobile.
  2. Update and correct your personal information.
  3. Cancel the account or request that we no longer use your information to provide services to you.

In all cases, please contact us at:
Tel. +3581822130

You can also send a letter with your request and current contact details to:  

22100 Mariehamn

Customers can also choose to unsubscribe from promotional offers/ messages directly in the messages.