Lost a Guldviva earring?

Sometimes we are asked if you can only buy one earring, for example if you have lost one or if one is broken. This is how it works for us:

Yes, you can buy just one earring if you want to complement it. The price is exactly half of a new pair. If you want to order, just email us, at info@guldviva.com, and we will make sure to send you an order that you pay as usual in the webshop.

Also, keep in mind that our earrings can vary slightly in size, so you might want to measure what you have, or take a picture next to a ruler so we can send you one that matches.

However, sometimes it is worth repairing if only something small is broken, such as a pin. You can always take a picture and email us to ask, and we'll give you further advice. This applies to all our jewelry!