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ALANDICA cufflink

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925 sterling silver, nickel-free Height: approx. 13 mm Width: approx. 19 mm As all jewelry is handmade, sizes may vary slightly.

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Guldviva's jewelry series ALANDICA is a tribute to the beautiful Åland Islands and its close relationship with water. Water is a constant presence in Åland, and the view from Alandica culture and congress center is characterized by a generous dose of the sparkling HAVET (The Sea).

ALANDICA-The series is inspired by the tiny ripples of water, the glint of the sun on the waves and the constant movement of water. This is reflected in the design of the jewelry, which conveys a sense of calm and harmony.

Water is not only a beautiful natural resource, but also an indispensable part of life for Åland's inhabitants and sailors. HAVET (The Sea) feeds the economy, connects the islands, and offers recreation and adventure for locals and visitors alike. The ALANDICA series captures this deep connection between people and the sea, and carries with it a sense of freedom and connection to nature.

With jewelry from the ALANDICA series, you can wear a piece of Åland's soul close to your heart and remind yourself and others of the important role the water plays for people in Åland and sailors around the world.