ÅLANDSHJÄRTA (Heart of Åland) 18K pendant-0
ÅLANDSHJÄRTA (Heart of Åland) 18K necklace

ÅLANDSHJÄRTA (Heart of Åland) 18K necklace

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18K gold Åland GRANITE Height: approx. 23 mm Width: about 12 mm As all jewelry is handmade, the size may vary slightly.

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'- carrying a piece of Åland close to your HEART

In the piece of jewelry we call ÅLANDSHJÄRTA (Heart of Åland) we have formed a HEART that encloses a piece of hand-picked Åland red GRANITE.

The red granite has been ground and polished to a shiny surface.

Did you know that the bedrock of Åland is mostly red granite stone? That's why the rocks and gravel glow red, and even the asphalt we drive on is red from the special granite.

NOTE! The default price of gold jewelry refers to the jewelry without a chain. Select the type and length of chain for the price including the chain.