BJÖRK (Birch) HEART S 18K necklace

BJÖRK (Birch) HEART S 18K necklace

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Our Birch Heart is an interpretation of the birch tree and its STAM (Bole), inspired by the phenomenon of love with carved hearts with initials in the fist.

Nature inspires much of GULDVIVA's jewelry.

The birch tree enchants with its beautiful green leaves and its white STAM (Bole). A birch grove provides a place for peaceful reflection. A stately BJÖRK (Birch) in winter, with frost-covered branches sparkling in the sunshine, or in autumn BJÖRK (Birch) with a play of colors that is fabulously beautiful.

"For me, creating a piece of jewelry is a natural process. Usually nature has already done most of the sketching.

Based on classic goldsmithing, I take advantage of the natural beauty and transfer the often quite complex reality into simple and stylish form." - Maria Karlström, Head Goldsmith