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925 sterling silver, nickel-free Height: approx. 35 mm Diameter: approx. 8 mm Since all jewelry is handmade, the size may vary slightly.

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There is something magical about the eternal love shared between two people, a love that grows and evolves over time.

The FÖRGÄT MIG EJ (Forget me not) series symbolizes this eternal connection - filled with love and adorned with delicate flowers that never wilt.

The Latin name for this beautiful flower is Myosotis and it has long been considered the flower of love and friendship, a symbol of precious memories.

This FÖRGÄT MIG EJ (Forget Me Not) earring on a hook has three cute FÖRGÄT MIG EJ (Forget Me Not) flowers hanging in a row. The petals are lightly antiqued which makes the pattern stand out more clearly.

Let FÖRGÄT MIG EJ (Forget Me Not) serve as a precious sign of the eternal love that unites two hearts, reminding you and your loved one of the beauty and strength of your connection, now and forever.