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GRACE necklace

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925 sterling silver, nickel-free Height: approx. 29 mm Width: approx. 20 mm Standard chain: 42 cm Snake chain As all jewelry is handmade, sizes may vary slightly.

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The model for the jewelry GRACE necklace was the christening jewelry that Guldviva was commissioned to create as a gift for the ship's (M/S Viking Grace) godmother.

Maria Karlström, head goldsmith at Guldviva, has designed and made the christening jewelry for M/S Viking Grace. These are her thoughts on the jewelry and the process of its creation:

- The Åland archipelago landscape is an important source of inspiration when I create and design for Guldviva. When you see the finished jewelry, the connection to the Åland nature is often obvious, but the way there is not always straight. And so it is with the baptismal jewelry.

My starting point was to include what a modern cruise ship consists of; the feeling of a whole world. The eleven floors of the M/S Viking Grace therefore took their place as separate components of the jewelry. They represent the different rhythms on board - including the stillness.

The natural progression of my thoughts was HAVET (The Sea). As islanders we live with HAVET (The Sea). Ships coming, turning and leaving again is a natural part. Almost floating timeless and safe. I have allowed this to be reflected in the jewelry by contrasting the shape of the waves with the floors. They are then arranged together in a stricter square shape to give the jewelry a clean design.

The shape of the waves and the floors are also arranged to leave room for interpretation. Those who look closely can therefore see other shapes hidden in the jewelry...