HÅLL OM (Embrace) MITT HJÄRTA (My heart) Station wagon necklace

HÅLL OM (Embrace) MITT HJÄRTA (My heart) Station wagon necklace

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HÅLL OM (Embrace) MITT HEART (My heart) is a quirky combination of three pieces of jewelry in one.

First you have "HÅLL OM (Embrace)", which is a solid silver plate that has a HEART cut-out. Added to that is the "MITT HEART (My heart) 18K", which is a small mesh HEART that fits into HÅLL OM (Embrace).

Together they form a beautiful ensemble of recycled 925 sterling silver and 18K gold, but the pieces can also be worn separately.

HÅLL OM (Embrace) is a festive piece of jewelry where the heart shape appears well in the antique silver plate. MITT HEART (My heart) 18K is a classic and delicate little gold heart that is suitable for all occasions.

HÅLL OM (Embrace) can also be engraved with a small amount of text, such as a name, date or a short wish.

A perfect gift for a loved one, or a great piece of customizable jewelry that will suit you for any occasion.