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Heart shaped necklace with horses head, sterling silver, handcrafted by GULDVIVA

HÄST (Horse) necklace

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925 sterling silver, nickel-free. Height: approx. 20 mm Width: approx. 15 mm Standard chain: 42 cm Curb chain As all jewelry is handmade, sizes may vary slightly.

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HÄST (Horse) necklace is a stylish horse's head that forms one side of a horse. HEART.

The horse has been man's helper and faithful servant for thousands of years. They took us from place to place, served us in war and were used as workhorses in agriculture and mining.
No farm was complete without HÄST (Horse) in the past, and a lot of energy and love went into caring for them.

Today, for most people, the horse is a dear friend and a stimulating hobby.

HÄST (Horse) necklace is a declaration of love for all horse lovers, and one of our popular horse-inspired jewelry pieces.