RÅG (Rye) ring
RÅG (Rye) ring
RÅG (Rye) ring

RÅG (Rye) ring

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We humans can do more than we think. We give in to the storms and straighten out again when they have passed. We grow when perhaps we shouldn't. We let go when we don't dare. We are challenged, fall down, get up and move on.

With the RÅG (Rye) collection, we at Guldviva wanted to create symbols of this inherent human resilience - the courage that carries us all the way through life. RÅG (Rye) grows in the leanest of soils, withstands the harshest of winters, and resists both drought and infestation.

925 sterling silver, nickel-free Width: about 5 mm As all jewelry is handmade, the size may vary slightly.

Ring size: ⌀ 16 mm
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