SANDMUSSLA (Sand Mussel) necklace
SANDMUSSLA (Sand Mussel) necklace
SANDMUSSLA (Sand Mussel) necklace

SANDMUSSLA (Sand Mussel) necklace

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925 sterling silver, nickel-free Height: approx. 15 (22) mm Width: approx. 24 mm Standard chain: 42 cm Ball chain As all jewelry is handmade, sizes may vary slightly.

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SANDMUSSLA (Sand mussel) pendant

The sand mussel - Mya Arenaria - a beautiful symbol of the purification of water. HAVET (The Sea)

Carry HAVET (The Sea) with you wherever you go. In our windswept, wave-swept archipelago, each plant and creature has its own specific task. SANDMUSSLA (Sand mussel) pendant is our symbol of love for HAVET (The Sea).

SANDMUSSLA (Sand mussel) pendant is part of Guldviva's 30 collection, which was created to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Through a collaboration with the John Nurminen Foundation, each piece of jewelry in the 30 collection contributes to removing 30 kilos of algae from the Baltic Sea. Thank you for helping us help the Baltic Sea!

Mussels are amazing in many ways. Each small mollusc filters several liters of water per hour, eating up substances such as nitrogen and phosphorus that would otherwise feed the growth of algae in HAVET (The Sea). It is estimated that all the different types of mussels together filter the entire volume of water in the Baltic Sea at least once a year. This can be compared to the inflow and outflow at Denmark, where it takes about 20 years to replace the Baltic Sea water.

SANDMUSSLA (Sand mussel) has a durable exterior and a shimmering beautiful mother-of-pearl surface on the inside.

GULDVIVA's SANDMUSSLA (Sand mussel) pendant is beautifully polished, and we hang it on a shiny Ball chain.