SEGELBÅT (Sailboat) 18K Necklace

SEGELBÅT (Sailboat) 18K Necklace

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18K gold Height: approx. 27 mm Width: approx. 17 mm As all jewelry is handmade, the size may vary slightly.

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The sea is all around us here in Åland. Many people have a connection to the sea in one way or another, some spend every spare moment at sea while others go out every now and then. A SEGELBÅT (sailboat) that reminds you of your connection can be carried with you all the time.

Size L is the same as the original SEGELBÅT (Sailboat), but larger in size. Just a little more SEGEL (Sail) .

NOTE! The default price of gold jewelry refers to the jewelry without a chain. Select the type and length of chain for the price including the chain.