STORMSKERRY MAJA NET necklace (45 cm)
STORMSKERRY MAJA NET necklace (45 cm)

STORMSKERRY MAJA NET necklace (45 cm)

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Amidst the roadside, soaring amid blades of grass, along the pier's perimeter, at the water's brink, and in the sea. That's where our jewellery takes its form. It is also where Anni Blomqvist's stories about Stormskerry Maja unfold. Maja is, in many ways, the backbone of our Ålandic culture and the symbol of the resilient women of the archipelago — those who lived off and with the sea.

The jewellery collection, STORMSKERRY MAJA, serves as a tribute to all those who cherish the Baltic Sea. Our STORMSKERRY MAJA NET necklace measures 45 cm and is excellent for both everyday wear and special occasions. 

John Nurminen Foundation's project on eelgrass replantation holds a special place in our hearts. Eelgrass forms dense underwater meadows teeming with life. These seafloor meadows purify the water, combat erosion, and provide nourishment and shelter for snails, crustaceans, and fish. Additionally, it is the sinuous movements of eelgrass that have breathed life into our STORMSKERRY MAJA collection.

Guldviva supports the Åland Cultural Foundation through the jewelry collection STORMSKERRY MAJA, and the John Nurminen Foundation's work to restore eelgrass beds in the Baltic Sea. Read more about John Nurminen's mission and the project. Sea bed here.