The Bomarsund Ring, a jewel shaped by our history

The Bomarsund Ring, a jewel shaped by our history

We at Guldviva are mainly inspired by our Åland surroundings. Sometimes it is the nature around us that awakens our creativity, but sometimes it is also our Ålandic history that drives our creativity forward.

Bomarsund is a big part of Åland's history. After the Finnish War ended in 1809, both Finland and Åland became part of the Russian Empire, and Russia saw the location of the Åland island as an ideal outpost for future military purposes. Russia planned a staggering construction for its fortification on Åland - Bomarsund Fortress, with enormous ambitions for defense, stronghold and military reinforcement. However, it was never fully completed.

In 1854, the fierce battle between Russia and France/Britain broke out, with the half-finished fortress at Bomarsund, collapsing after only a few days as a result of the fighting in the Baltic Sea. As a result of the wartime turmoil, Åland was demilitarized in 1856.

We can still see the ruins of Bomarsund, sunk into the ground in the fortress's home municipality of Sund, located on the eastern side of Åland. Solid blocks of stone in the middle of our countryside, which almost seem strange that together they were once a continuous, extensive settlement, constructed with a view to great military success.

This event was the basis for the creation of our ring. BOMARSUND. We created a fortress in silver and gold, reflecting this essential past that still defines our Åland today.


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